Underground collections after 1982

"Digital Voyager"   1982


700 cobblestones are engraved with the number "7" and buried to form a border between the analog and the digital, binary society.

The stones are buried in a pattern resembling the diagrams on "The Golden Record" carried by the spacecrafts Voyager 10 and Voyager 11.


: "Status Terra Nova"  1983 - 1988

Status Terra Nova an exploration and exhibition series, burials and and preparations to be able to feel a reunion with life's creative powers and to open a zone that those in power and the profitmongers not yet have pulverized, that lies qietly dormant there, somwhere in the layers of earth. That is the state that I have been searching for.

So, for that reason I have been using other methods than the accepted and controlled. I am trying to establish a new pact with the nature, a resitance to societys refined supression mechanisms.

The layers of earth are a blend of textures embedded in the sediments that contains borders and restrictions outside of the sensible order and the social structures that limits art.

"I seek a fellowship with the Spirits of Earth"
       -Hans Limbus Tjörneryd

Status Terra Nova has been exhibited at
Art Centre,Gävle,
The Culture Factory, Örnsköldsvik

Art Gallery Röda Sten, Gothenburg
Art Gallery Max, Stockholm, Sweden
Aine Art Museum, Torneå, Finland
Uleåborgs Art Museum, Finland

"VOX Terra Nova" 1985

Composed and performed by Carl Myrén For Hans Limbus Tjörneryds exhibition at the Art Centre In Gävle, Sweden December 1985

Listen to:
VOX Terra Nova track 7 "Brown" 3:07
Female voice: Eva Foyer
Engineer: Jacob Landefjord
Cover design: Agneta Myrén

  "Limbusation Expedition" 1992 - 1999

In 1992 Hans Limbus Tjörneryd claims an area of 24,92 hectare on Jugfruberget (The Virgin Mountain) in Dalarna where he starts the Limbusation Expedition to study and investigate the invisible borders that limits human beings.

Here he buries, at 76 different places, 2500 square meters of canvas, to absorb the secrets of the mountain.

These canvases were then excavated and mission results exhibited at:

Åbo Art Museum,
Gallery BE 19 Helsingfors, Finland,
Tartu University,  Estonia
Campo dei Fiori , Rome, Italy
Gasklockorna, Gävle
Gallery Trollhättan
The Gävleborg County Museum, Gävle, Sweden

Some are burned and the ashes spread from specially eqipped aeroplanes to form giant smoke sculptures at different holy places, including Avan.

The rest of the canvases are buried at ALAM and are part of the museums permanent collections.


: "VOX 130-137W"

At 26 places, recording tapes containing private recordings, were buried for 7 years

From these recordings the composition "VOX 310-137 W" were made.
The tapes are now buried at ALAM.

Listen to "VOX 310 - 137W" 13:49
AP Markusson

  "Henrik's water"  1988

Henrik's water is an exploration of Lake Kjulo in Finland, where  Saint Henry of Finland was murdered on
the 20 January, 1150. He is one of the best recognized persons in the history of Finland.
Here Limbus mad submersions ov canvases and cloths, that were left submerged for one year.

Quote: - This is an serndip exploration, I do not know what I was searching for, and I found something that I don't know what it is, but it changed my life, and others, many visited the exhibiton and no one was left unmoved.

The exhibition was at Åbo Art Gallery.

Remaining canvases and bottles with water from Lake Kjulo are now buried at ALAM.

  "Twin Stones"

The expedition claims  "Jungfruberget",a strange mountain outside Falun, Sweden and there buries 76 canvases and recording tapes.
Some of the mission results are now buried at ALAM, some in Rome, Italy , Miletos, Turkey and Barra de Cunhaú, Brazil.
From each of these burial sites 2 stones were collected, a total of (2x76) 152 stones.

  • 1 of each pair, a total of 76 stones, are buried at ALAM.

  • 31 are placed at "holy places" around the world

  • 7 are in constant motion aboard airplanes and boats.

  • 38 awaits placement

Each burial is marked with a "Spacestick" and later used to mark other exploration areas.
"Spacestick" Apeiron is one such ongoing exploration and mission results will be available at ALAM.


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