Site-specific underground collections before 1982
Remains and demolition masses of buildings and places
of the City of  Gävle, deposited at ALAM between the years 1960 -1975


Working class lodgings at Brynäs Mansion.



Photo: Sigvard Ytterholm 176:

Main Square and bus terminal




"Murenska badhuset"
The old municipal bath house




City block, Almen 1 with the cinema theatre "Roxy".

Photo: Carl Larsson, 2108:

City block, "Bygdekikaren"


City block "Katten"
The yeast factory




Brynäs Mansion



Photo: Gävle bild.1964 4614:

Sankt Matteus Church


Photo: Anders Attermark 11611:

The "Railroad hotel"




City block "Mejseln" "Korsnäsgårdarna"

Photo:Carl Larsson 4096:
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