"The Monoliths"   1982

On the 21st of august 1982, the artist Hans Limbus Tjörneryd raises
8 granite moniliths at Avan and declare the area
a gigantic sculpture of our cultural heritage.


"I raised the Monoliths in honor of a city and it's   cultural heritage, which the engineers so effectivly had dismantled and forced the people to participate in."

- Hans Limbus Tjörneryd


Number 7, with it's anarchistic horizontal stroke through the middle,  that is sometimes used in handwriting in the western world but which is almost never used in computer fonts since it can not be written on a 7 segment digital display.

It therefore represents a protest against the binary societys blind belief in computers.
(The binary number for 7 is 111.)

"   7 Is also the number of completeness and a holy number."


         7 x 7 things you need to know about 7

LED-based 7-segment display showing the 16 hex digits.

  "Landing Beacon for Unidentified Flying Art Objects"   2003

   The Landing Beacon, is an instrument for
   fantastic ideas and free thoughts.


    Listen to"VOX UFAO No. 1" 5:37
Magnus Magnusson



"Place of Encounter"   2007

Place of Encounter - is a meeting place between the earthbound and the divine, between time and eternal, and the limited and the endless,
a homage to Gaston Bachelard.

"The clouds will set you free"                                
- Gaston Bachelard


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